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Our Company differs from many other commercial construction companies because many companies specialize in only certain areas of commercial construction. Contracting Services of Michigan has been doing commercial construction for 30+ years and is well versed in all aspects of these types of jobs.

What We Do

Project Planning

We draw up a detailed plan along with specific work requirements so that all parties we include to become involved with us in this project, has the training and expertise to meet the specific challenges of the job at hand.

Project Management

We pride ourselves on bringing in the right mix of people and companies to form a talented team well versed in the needs of the customers. Like other types of construction, quality, efficiency, on-time performance and safety are the all expected to be part of the job, along with the project being completed on budget.

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Commercial Building Construction

30Here at Contracting Services of Michigan we are extremely well versed in the handling of commercial construction because of our over 30 years of experience working with this type of construction. Commercial construction can be anything from offices, retail shopping centers to warehouses. And each commercial construction project has its own unique set of variables due to size and the amount of effort need to bring the project to completion.

Commercial construction on a smaller scale usually encompasses projects that are for the most part remodels of either the inside or renovation of the outside structure in order to increase the visual appeal and value of the property involved. In today’s highly competitive marketplace and with the increased competition from the internet, today’s buildings need to reflect a high level of perfection in order to attract customers to the location. Our expertise and long history of quality work that comes in on budget makes Contracting Services of Michigan a leader in this type of construction.

Medium sized commercial construction varies only slightly from the smaller jobs but present their own set of challenges because the projects usually involve the remodel, expansion and restructuring of buildings. Again, our long history, our accumulated wealth of experience, our outstanding safety record, our knowledge of the permitting process and our strong skills sets of management and communication, puts us in a unique position to handle these size projects.

Lastly, there are the large-scale commercial building projects. These are for the most part ground up commercial construction projects where usually there is no structure in place at the start of the project. Normally, these large projects involve many contractors who are responsible for certain areas of the building process. Over our 30 plus years in business, we has amassed multiple working relationships in the course of working on these large-scale projects.

So big or small, Contracting Services of Michigan is well suited for any size commercial building project.

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