Case Study: Swagelok Field Engineers Uncover Root Cause of Bad Data

Swagelok field engineer

Are you certain that your systems are operating optimally? What if you had an analyzer that you believed was performing properly, but then discovered that the analyzer was giving you false data?

A customer who was experiencing longer-than-anticipated response times on its analyzer called in Swagelok field engineers. The Swagelok team performed a system evaluation and discovered that the fluid was changing phase multiple times as it traveled from tap to analyzer. Phase changes in a sampling line can deliver a sample to the analyzer that is not representative of the process, and as a result, the customer was making process changes based on inaccurate analytical data.

After consultation between the Swagelok field engineers and customer contacts:

  • All phase changes were eliminated
  • Response time was vastly improved
  • Analytical results are now representative of the fluid in the process, providing the customer with superior process control